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NHL teams finding analytics can give an edge on the ice

With the National Hockey League recently facing off for its centennial season, 30 teams across Canada and the United States have begun seeking whatever edge they can to earn one of 16 coveted spots in next spring’s Stanley Cup playoffs.

But some of the fiercest competition will come from behind the scenes in the boardrooms, as teams deploy a relatively new weapon called analytics to try and outfox their opponents and put the strongest possible product on the ice.

Teams are using analytics in the same way that any business would to try to gain an advantage over their competitors, explained Michael Schuckers, a professor of statistics at St. Lawrence University in Canton, N.Y.

Trump’s victory leaves Canada in ‘uncertain waters’

Donald Trump’s surprise election presents the world economy with some big question marks, along with a level of uncertainty the markets hate. Could that prove especially disruptive to Canada, America’s largest trading partner, after the 70-year-old real estate developer is sworn into office as America’s next president in January?

“Let’s hope that we can navigate ourselves in these uncertain waters over the next few months [and] years,” said John Baird, a senior adviser at law firm Bennett Jones LLP in Toronto and a former Canadian foreign affairs minister.

Trump has signalled the U.S. will effectively kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which requires ratification from countries representing at least 85 per cent of the collective GDP of its 12 participants.

A group of international executives is hoping to reverse a long-standing trend among investors and corporations of focusing on short-term profits at the expense of long-term sustainability.

What started out as a research project to measure investor and business behaviour in 2013 has morphed into a not-for-profit outfit called FCLT Global that focuses on research and advocacy.

Sarah Williamson, Boston-based CEO of FCLT — the acronym comes from its former name, “Focusing Capital on the Long Term” — says there’s no question the short term is important but far too many people are ignoring long-term views and that’s got corporate goals, investor behaviour and societal progress out of whack.

CPA Canada has launched a new national advertising campaign that it believes “clearly shows the value the profession brings in helping organizations chart a course for success in an ever-evolving economy.”

According to Carol Wilding, chair of CPA Canada’s branding committee and CEO of CPA Ontario, “this latest campaign is the fourth wave of a national advertising campaign launched by the national and provincial CPA bodies to heighten awareness of the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation and brand.

“CPAs are trusted, collaborative leaders and astute business strategists who have the ability to translate data into meaningful and successful business strategy,” she says.